Boudior FAQ – Ocean County Photographer


When: Saturday 4/13/13
Where: A beautiful, private estate in the Manahawkin area.
Times: Scheduled appointments from 12pm – 7 pm.
How much: $250. $125 due to hold your time slot via check or paypal (info in contract you get). $125 balance due in cash day of session. Marcie and Kelly of True Beauty will be doing hair and makeup! The price includes professional photo ready hair, makeup, 20 minutes of photography, and 10 retouched images. You will need to come 1 hour before your photography time slot to get your hair and makeup done. If you are late, that time will come out of your allotted hair/make up/photography time. PLEASE make sure you are on time.
What happens if I made a retainer payment but can’t make the day of? Payments are not refundable or transferable. Due to the cost of renting the estate, securing hair and make up ect, there is no refund.
Should I tip the girls doing hair and makeup? You don’t have to, but if they did a great job (I am sure they will, they are rockstars!) it isn’t a bad idea!
When will the photos be ready? You will get them for digital download via drop box in about 2 weeks. You can use them as you please!
What should I wear? you can bring lingerie, his white button up, tie, favorite sports jersey, your wedding veil, suspenders, a fedora hat, sky high heels, pearls, cowboy boots…. Really what ever makes you feel good!
I am self conscious about my body, should I still do this? That is your choice. We will talk about your favorite features and we will focus on those. We can get creative and stay away from the areas that aren’t your favorite.
Will there be a lot of people there? Yes. But our session will be private. It’s an estate, girls will be coming in, getting hair and make up done, hanging out, snacking, drinking, chatting, ect. Your session will be in a private area. It will be me and you. If another friend booked with you, they are welcome to come up and be in the room for encouragement if you want! Sometimes a glass of wine and a best friend can work wonders! Please do not bring people who have not scheduled with you. This is for LFP clients ONLY.
Who sees these images? Me and you. That’s it.
Can you make me look skinny? Your body is your body, you are beautiful. We will work within your comfort zone and pose you in the most flattering way.
Do I have to get naked? Absolutely not. You can, as long as it’s tasteful. This isn’t hustler magazine, but we can do whatever you want! Boudoir is about having fun, feeling and looking fabulous!
Can I bring examples of photos I want done and hair and make up I like? Yup!
What else can I expect? Lots of girls, laughter, music, encouragement, light snacks, drinks (I will have some; feel free to bring your favorites!) and good times!

ps – all of my fancy little flyers are made by Simple Statements, check her out on FB!

Jan 14, 2013

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