Lingerie Ideas For Boudoir Photography | Boudoir Photographer LBI


Lingerie Ideas For Boudoir Photography |  Boudoir Photographer LBI

With Valentines Day 2016 just under two weeks away I thought I would talk a little about one of my most popular sessions- Boudoir.  Today I will specifically discuss lingerie ideas for boudoir photography. For several years I have been known as the only boudoir photographer in the LBI area.  I have shot hundreds of these sessions in beautiful places such as bed and breakfasts but primarily in my private Manahawkin studio space. You will very rarely see these images online. My clients privacy is SO important to me. It is tough to imagine what a session would be like but check out this blog post for some more information. (Note pricing has changed slightly but you can see that on the investment tab of my site).  Boudoir is empowering. Every woman walks in a nervous wreck but leaves feeling amazing. Boudoir isn’t trying to look overly sexy, it’s bringing out the fun and playful side of you.  Just about every woman walks in saying “I don’t know what to do”. That is ok!  I expect that! I will walk you through it!  We work with your body and highlight your best features and hide some of the things you don’t love.

Many of the questions I get involve asking what you should wear.  I provided some information in the blog I linked above: his work shirt or favorite jersey, sky high heels, a fedora or a cowboy hat, lingerie that fits appropriately and makes you feel amazing! I am more concerned with the fit of the lingerie then the style.  Having a garment that fits you properly and flatters your body is key.  I will be honest: most of the time that DOESN’T come from Victoria’s Secret.  Every body type is different.  Victoria Secret may fit you perfect!  I had a session recently where the woman had a piece that fit her amazing, was beautiful and was from Kmart!  Yes, seriously!

Since most woman don’t have the “perfect” body type the media (and social media!) portray as perfection I turned to google and pinterest to find some ideas of what I think would be great for ANY body type!  Enjoy!

This pleated baby doll happens to be from Victoria Secrets and would be perfect for gals with a smaller bust:

BB picture 1

The lines on this plus size piece help create a waist line is from hips and curves and is only 36!

BB picture 2

Do you have a very tiny figure and don’t feel “womanly” enough? This delicate piece creates a waste and is so soft and feminine!

bb picture 3

Are you more conservative and want to walk the line between covering up and showing some skin?  This set is amazing! I love it!

BB picture 4

 A robe like this can be super sexy and still used to cover up any areas that make you uncomfortable! It’s pricey but you can find something similar!

bb picure 5

Feb 2, 2016

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