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South Jersey Boudoir Photographer | LBI Boudoir |Ocean County Boudoir Photographer

In August when my studio first opened I had ideas and expectations.  You have all blown those out of the water with your awesomeness and now I am stepping my game up to meet your demand! This brave and beautiful model agreed to do a session with me where I shared a few images on social media.  Here are the most common FAQ and then some GREAT examples of what your session may look like!

South Jersey Boudoir Photography


Where: My private home studio in Manahawkin
Times: Scheduled appointments can be any Tuesday or Wednesday from 9-2
How much: See the Sassy or Classy packages on above advertisement!
How do I book and pay? Send an email to  From there I will send you a contract through my fancy system and you can pay online via credit card.
When will the photos be ready? You will get them for digital download via drop box in about 3 weeks (or less). You can use them as you please!
What should I wear? you can bring lingerie, his white button up, tie, favorite sports jersey, your wedding veil, suspenders, a fedora hat, sky high heels, pearls, cowboy boots…. Really what ever makes you feel good!
I am self conscious about my body, should I still do this? That is your choice. We will talk about your favorite features and we will focus on those. We can get creative and stay away from the areas that aren’t your favorite. However you are who you are.  I will not photoshop to make you look 20 pounds lighter. I will not retouch every single inch of skin.  I do not believe in over processing images.  Will I nip and tuck a bit here and there? Yes. With I take care of blemishes? Sure. But these photos will look like you on a GREAT day.
Will there be a lot of people there? No. You and me, that’s it!
Who sees these images? Me and you. That’s it.
Can you make me look skinny? Your body is your body, you are beautiful. We will work within your comfort zone and pose you in the most flattering way.
Do I have to get naked? Absolutely not. You can, as long as it’s tasteful. This isn’t hustler magazine, but we can do whatever you want! Boudoir is about having fun, feeling and looking fabulous!
Can I bring examples of photos I want done? Yup!
What else can I expect? To feel amazing and surprisingly confident once we start…. thats what every woman size 2 to 22 tells me!

Nov 18, 2014

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