How to choose a photographer | Manahawkin Wedding Photographer | South jersey Photographer


How to choose a photographer | Manahawkin Wedding Photographer | South jersey Photographer


There are portrait photographers, art photographers, wedding photographers, sports photographers, landscape photographers, architectural photographers, food photographers, and forensic photographers. This list could go on for days.

My point is there are a million different photographers out there. A simple Google search of photographers in your area will result in everything from chains, to seasoned professionals who charge based on their experience, to some new and fresh talent that may hit your price point, to people in this industry called “faux-tographers” that happen to have a kind-of-decent camera and decided to call it a business.

Choosing the right one for you can be tough.

Photographers all start somewhere. We all grow, evolve and change. That is the beauty of this business. As a photographer, we grow and evolve with each and every session. We make mistakes and learn from them, and sometimes we get lucky and teach ourselves something amazing with out even trying. We network with others in our field and show each other different techniques and styles. I consider myself to still be building my portfolio, I am still evolving. I price my work to reflect that.

When choosing a photographer, remember that is a non-refundable investment. The photos you get will stay in your family long after the people in them are gone. Think back to the photos you have with people you love that are no longer here, photos from the first week of your child’s life and all their birthdays, photos from your wedding- the one night of your life where everyone you love was under one roof. There is no do-over for any of these. It is important to have your story documented properly. It is important to have your story be clear, beautiful, crisp, and true.

I strongly feel the photographer you decide to invest with should meet the following requirements I call the three P’s

1) Personality; they should be easy going so everyone feels comfortable.

2) Price; you need to find someone with in your budget, while maintaining quality.

3) Performance; look at their final product, what other clients say about them, what equipment they use, how long they have been in business, how many events like yours they have done, and how many repeat clients they have. Pay close attention to things like if there are shadows on people’s faces, image clarity, images that seem to dark or too bright, and their editing style: photos should be clean and crisp.

If your potential photographer does not meet the three P’s, they are not the right one for you. I know the search seems overwhelming when you are looking. Don’t be afraid to ask friends for recommendations. Ask photographers for references. A good photographer can rattle off a list of clients that are more than happy to talk to potential new clients.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to a potential photographer. You should not only ask them about their work, but about things like professional memberships, insurance, contracts, ect.

Picking a photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. Long after you child is grown and off at college, or the music is gone, the food eaten, and the flowers from your wedding have wilted away, you will always have the photographs.

How to choose a photographer | Manahawkin Wedding Photographer | South jersey Photographer

Mar 13, 2012

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