New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photographer 


New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photographer 





Wedding & family photographer based near LBI, NJ 

This is the place in most photographer’s bios where they list when they purchased their first camera, what inspired them, and how they love taking photos. My journey has all those moments, but that is not what LTP is built upon. LTP's foundation is the idea of documenting  the truth, love and beautiful reality around you.  

I decided to revisit making my hobby of over ten years my profession. I took classes, spent hours practicing, made more mistakes than I care to admit, passed up on time with family, events with friends and countless nights of sleep to attempt to perfect my craft. I was blessed to get a mentor and develop relationships with other professionals. I took in every drop of advice they poured out. I learned from their successes and failures and practiced every word they preached to me. I started out assisting, then second shooting and finally moving up to the primary shooter.

 I have taken my time and developed my skill in the appropriate way. I have invested in stellar equipment and continuing my education. I want my images to tell your story as close to your reality as possible. A posed portrait can be beautiful, but if you are an informal couple a session full of formal portraits doesn’t represent who you are. I feel an image of your child in the midst of a big belly laugh holds more sentimental value over the years than a standard posed studio portrait. This philosophy can be seen and felt in all of my work.

1. American cheese is terrible.  Really terrible. 
2. I have tossed a coin to make several important life decisions.
3. I think I’m pretty funny. I’m not sure others feel that way about me, but they should. I’m hilarious.
4. I took my first of many photography courses in high school and worked at our local photo store through those same years. There were periods of time I spent more     time in the darkroom than in the light. Somehow I feel sharing this fact ups my cool factor.
5. I have a beautiful daughter named Kallan (like the mans name Allan with a K). She's equal parts firey and sweet and I will always encourage that firey light to burn bright. 
6. I have three professional, candid photos of myself and my best friend who passed several years ago from a wedding reception. I would pay my life savings twice over   for these photos. This is one of the few things that solidified my love and borderline obsession with photography.
7. In the 9th grade I was grounded when my family went to Disney. Since there is no way to continue punishment in the happiest place on earth my father wore a   women’s purple tank top with Minnie Mouse in a white and pink polka dot dress and made me hold his hand all day. I was 14. To date this was one of the worst days   of my life. If you can’t appreciate the humor in this, we won’t get along.
8. I love New Jersey. I am a serious Jersey girl at heart, a Jersey-Shore girl to be specific. Big personality, bigger hair, love for family and friends like no other,   pizza, salty air, sandy feet and hoodies you stole from a guy friend and will never give back. That is my kind of happy.
9.  My very first job was at a place called the Flaming Pit. I stood on Route 9 in a chicken costume and waived. I was 13. I am sure my family and friends were proud.
10.  I love to dance. By myself, in a big crew of people, in my car, anywhere. My sweet skills can’t be contained to events with a DJ and a dedicated dance floor. 
11.  I feel yoga pants were created for the purpose of making it socially acceptable to be lazy and I want to kiss the person who made that possible.


The Details of MORE THAN A


Facts, fun & 2023 year end totals

Gear of choice: Nikon

Current Favorite Lens: Nikon 24-70

Bucket list locations to work:
Greece, Italy, Ireland
Weddings worked :
 & counting
Portrait sessions captured :

Number of camera clicks:
& counting

Number of times an airplane was needed to get to work: EIGHT

Combined times published & awards won: SEVENY TWO 

Gear of choice: Nikon 
Current Favorite Lens: Nikon 24-70
Bucket list locations to work: Greece, Italy, Ireland
Weddings worked :  THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT & counting
Portrait sessions: ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO & counting 
Number of camera clicks: TWO POINT THREE MILLION & counting
Number of times an airplane was needed to get to work: EIGHT
Combined times published & awards won: SEVENTY TWO
Favorite Wedding Venues: Bonnet, Mallard and the Shell!