LTP is expanding, or at least I am! Part two of three.

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The last post was more emotional (you can read it here) but this one is more informational!

I wanted to talk about my plans for working during this pregnancy. I have had so many clients ask if I was going to continue working.  Of course I am!

My plan: work as hard as I can!

I don’t have any intentions on slowing down.  I see my Doctor every month and a specialist every few weeks.  The specialist is due to a surgery I had two years ago and is just a precaution.  I have talked at length with my Doctors and we see no reason at all I won’t be able to work until the end!  I emailed all my brides before I announced publicly and told them of my plans.

Now that the first trimester is over I am feeling significantly better! It was rough there for a while, but nothing good is easy!  I very mild asthma but I am one of the unlucky women who for some reason it gets significantly worse during pregnancy.  I walk a few miles a day (working out here and there as the morning sickness allows!) and may huff and puff through our session but I am ok!  In fact I love being up and about.  3 months was plenty of time to spend on my couch. I am 18+ weeks and I am ready for beach days, sunshine and work!  I just ask you be patient as I may be a little slower and forgive me for wearing sneakers all the time.  My back isn’t loving super long days but wearing good shoes helps. Annnnnnnnnnd please imagine the face I just made at myself while typing that.  I sound like a grandmother.

Over the summer I will release my plans for Christmas mini sessions.  They will look a little different this year.  I also will be pushing “fall” sessions in September and October.  I plan on doing sessions in November but we will be on Miss Ketchels timeline!   I want to make sure all of my clients get the time and attention they deserve. That may mean changing things up a little this year, but I have faith we will all make it work!

I haven’t gained any weight yet because food and I still don’t always get along,(I am sure it’s coming!)  but my belly sure is growing by the minute!  Here I am working a wedding in early June!   I have been getting requests for belly photos, I promise to have some done in the next few weeks!  Thank you to my gal pal and fellow photographer Megan for capturing this!



Jun 25, 2018

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