Ocean County NJ Blizzard | How To Prepare For Snow Photos | NJ Photographer


Ocean County NJ Blizzard | How To Prepare For Snow Photos | NJ Photographer

Apparently between tonight and tomorrow Ocean County NJ is supposed to get hit with a blizzard. Will it actually snow? Will is rain?  Who knows!  I do know everyone is preparing for the storm regardless.  With those preparations comes a long text list of people who want snow sessions!  As a NJ Photographer some years I get plenty of chances to do snow photos and other years I get no chances.  Mother Nature is funny like that.  Sadly this snow storm is TERRIBLE for photos.  80 MPH wind gusts are never a good idea!  But there is still time for the rest of the winter to make it happen!  Here my list of  how to prepare for snow photos.

  1. Text your photographer once you actually think there is a chance of snow and get on their radar.
  2. Have two ideas in mind so you can have a plan A and B.
  3. Bring a POP of color. Yes you will freeze but some photos in a red or yellow cardigan will be amazing. You will survive, I promise.
  4. Start with photos without your hat and scarf on and them add them in so your hair can stay somewhat in tact.
  5. Trust your photographer! We know you want snow photos but respect we are risking damaging fifteen to twenty thousand dollars in gear to get them. A heavy wet snow can quickly ruin our gear and as much as we love you and do what we can to protect our gear it may not be feasible!
  6. If you hate the cold, pretend you love it!
  7. Bring props, hot chocolate, pine cones, anything wintry and fun.
  8. Know your plan with your photographer will change by the hour with the weather.  The hourly forecast is our bible.
  9. I normally cancel over 20 MPH winds in the summer.  80 MPH gusts in the winter are going to be a nightmare!
  10. Bring a change of jacket, tops and boots!  Instead of dragging you everywhere in the cold change the look of your photo with your wardrobe!

I have done about 10 snow sessions in my career.  I would do 10 a week if I could!  I LOVE snow sessions! But alas, it’s up to Mother Nature and a combination of my schedule and the clients to make it work.  I hope you are somewhere safe and warm reading this blog away from the crazy that is Shop Rite before a storm and OFF THE ROADS unless it’s an emergency so our men and women in blue don’t need to come rescue you!  The photo below is my all time favorite snow image from a wedding at Clarks Landing in Delran NJ!


Jan 22, 2016

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