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Recently I did a newborn session for a bride and groom (Hey Mr & Mrs Groel!) whose wedding I did in 2015.  As I was writing their blog post I started getting a little nostalgic and pulled up their weddings photos and took a look through.  From there, I started wandering through years and years of wedding photos I did for clients. There are so many beautiful moments I never shared, things I would do differently, things I would do the same all over again.  I have been trying to convey my experience and genuine love of my career to new and existing clients.  I spent countless hours on education, redoing my website ( a total of 4 times in 10 years!), posting on social media and more.  I realized in the morning I got lost for 3 hours scrolling through peoples wedding photos, most of what I am trying to convey has been with me the whole time. Each wedding has so many valuable lessons, memories, and stories.  I decided to spend some time going back through older images and make blog posts showcasing different aspects of the day, things I loved and lessons I learned!

First up…. Mary and Chis and their Sea Oaks wedding!

This series of blog posts won’t be sentimental or stories of the couples per say, they will be about valuable lessons, things that happened behind the scenes, small things that still stick out in my mind and more!

One of the things that stick out most about this wedding is the amazing sentimental detail of the bride’s bouquet.  It was a small, antique bible that had been passed down through her family for nearly 100 years.  Each bride carried the Bible with her bouquet.  Mary had her bouquet actually made into it.  The bouquet had so many fabrics and ribbons from the previous bride’s gowns.  The ribbons flowed and moved so beautifully because there were so many of them. I loved this meaningful detail from her day.

The second thing that sticks out to me is the bright and vibrant colors of the flowers her girls carried.  These rich hughes of orange and red were bold and absolutely stunning.  I remember carrying them onto her parents front porch to do detail photos and I was so excited because I knew they would photograph so well.

I tell so many brides to “Relax, Dawn dish soap gets almost everything out”. This is the wedding I learned that was true!  Mary got mud on her gown during portraits before the ceremony.  Below you can see a photo of her mom simply washing it out with Dawn dish soap at the kitchen sink.  Life happens. Mud happens.  And all worked out well!

I wish I could remember where it came from, but I thought their cake was so unique and fun!  On top, there were little pumpkins that I wanted to steal for ring photos, but I channeled my best adult self and decided it was a bad idea.

The photo of Mary and her parents, all with genuine, joyful smiles makes me so happy. THAT is what your wedding memories should be made of!

The series of portraits I posted all happened outside of Sea Oaks at dusk.  I had a small light (it may have been a flash but I am 99% sure it was a video light or the ice light) and I was so, so, so happy with how this series turned out.  To this day I think they are stunning.  It was one of those moments where everything worked out smoothly.  We even had time to do some golf images since the couple is avid golfers!

Sea Oaks Wedding Photographer

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Mar 1, 2018

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