Historic Smithville Wedding, Mr & Mrs Evola!


Hello! I am glad you are here to read about a Historic Smithville wedding!  During my offseason, I like to revisit weddings from the previous year and share some tips and tricks with mt LTP future brides!  This year I am a little behind, but I am giving myself some grace since having a newborn at home and trying to run a business can be a little overwhelming.  I am so lucky Kallan’s dad and our families are so supportive and helpful.  As I write this my mom is sitting with little miss right now so I can get some work done!  I look forward to finding a new balance of running a business, providing excellent customer service and being a great partner and mother.  Every week I am getting better and better and learning to manage my time!

So back to what we came to talk about today, some tips and tricks!

The Evola wedding at Historic Smithville was beautiful.  One of my favorite takeaways from this wedding was how well Sara coordinated her details and well they flowed through the day.  The soft tones of pinks, fresh greenery and a tiny bit of sparkle were repeated over and over again in each aspect and step of the day.

Starting with her invitations to set the tone for their wedding straight through to the hint of blush in her gown, all of the getting ready details followed through the reception details had a perfect flow.  Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but the time and attention to detail were definitely noticed!  Having cohesive details through your wedding day make for an amazing final photography product. Having a strong presence of repeating colors and textures make for an absolutely stunning wedding album!  From the invites to her bouquet the day of there is a constant and repeating pattern of florals, yet none of it feels overwhelming or too “matchy”.

My tip for brides is to slow down and think about the overall vision when making decisions.  I believe it’s better to have a handful of well thought out pieces that make a statement vs having all kinds of things everywhere that “kind of” work together.

Smithville Inn Wedding

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Jan 28, 2019

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