Taking back Sundays by South Jersey Photographer LeAnna Theresa


Happy Fall Y’all!  I sit here in a giant bathrobe and PJ’s while I am writing this blog in the first really cold morning of fall and I love it!  I have been putting genuine effort into trying to show more of a personal side of things on my blog and in social media.  Today I want to talk about finding balance as a business owner and taking back my Sundays. We all struggle with life balance.  Working moms, single dads, stay at home moms, business owners, single ladies, CEO’s of companies and more.  We all have a hard time finding balance.  I don’t have set work hours.  My laptop is always just a room away, my phone is always within a few feet.  There is rarely a time when I don’t work or have access to work.

Last year I noticed I was neglecting my personal relationships for work.  I was letting housework, laundry and all the other lovely things we do while adulting pile up.  I started taking Sundays off and it was wonderful.  June through September, the height of my busy season,  this isn’t an option for me but for the rest of the year it is!  I am excited to take back my Sundays now that we have entered October.

My Sundays aren’t exciting, but isn’t that what Sunday is for?  A typical Sunday includes lounging, pinterest, cooking, football in the background, a walk with Tucker, a few drinks now and again, some time at Dylan’s sister’s house with the kids.  I always make sure to get all of my housework and errands done before Sunday because I don’t want to do those things on my day off!  Making your mental health and personal relationships a priority in life is never a bad idea.   I hope you all take back your Sunday start ENJOYING life! And don’t let Tucker fool you, he really does love me even when he doesn’t look like it.


Oct 3, 2017

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