9 months in the making!


I have made it!

I am officially one week into my 9th month of pregnancy.  I can’t say it’s been easy, but I know it will be worth it.  I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the amazing vendors who have been supportive and helpful. I am lucky to work with so many caring individuals.  From carrying heavy bags to endless glasses of water when I didn’t ask for it to the amazing waitress who brought me an entire private platter of mozzarella sticks because that is what she craved when she was pregnant, lol!  Everyone has been so amazing.

My clients have been wonderful beyond my expectations. Everyone has been so patient with me as a waddled around and insistent on being helpful and accommodating.  I truly never expected so many people to be so kind!  From the endless gifts to encouraging emails and moral support, I genuinely am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Miss Ketchel is due in 3 weeks from today and I am blessed that I am overall extremely healthy and things have gone well.  9 months of morning (read: all day) sickness has been rough at times but I can honestly say that keeping busy with work has been extremely helpful in distracting me.  Learning to get creative with angles and shots because I can’t bend and move like I used to has also been a unique challenge but I can say with confidence I am extremely proud of all the work I put out this year!

While I am officially on maternity leave, I am still working!  When you own a business you don’t really get time off like most people.  I have been working on all the behind the scenes items:  banking, book work, sending out gear for cleaning and calibrations, marketing, website and bridal guide updates and so much more!   I am currently switching to a new payment and booking system as I am not in love with my current one.  The more I do now the more time I can spend with Miss Ketchel when she is here!

My plan for the next few months is to slowly start taking sessions after Christmas but continue to take wedding consults as they come, when they come!  In the very beginning, I may only be able to do phone consults, but I will make decisions as they are needed in the coming week!   In April my wedding season starts again and I look forward to finding the balance of being a professional and a mother.

I look forward to working with all of you again in the future and seeing what 2019 has in store!  And yes, I promise to update you all with photos and details once Miss Ketchel arrives!

Nov 4, 2018

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