Barnegat Light Engagement Photos | Clarks Landing Wedding | Amanda and Alex

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Barnegat Light Engagement Photos | Clarks Landing Wedding | Amanda and Alex

This spring I had the pleasure of meeting with Alex and Amanda to do their Barnegat Light Engagement Photos.  Their wedding is this November at the beautiful Clarks Landing in Point Pleasant NJ and I am SO excited!  Amanada and Alex are both “locals” and Amanda knew immediately she wanted to do their engagement photos somewhere on LBI.  “Locals” love is one like no other, I can say this because I feel the exact same way!  We walked around Bay Village and spent some time and the lighthouse finished by some sunset images over looking the bay.

With thier wedding soon approaching I am an prepared for an amazing night, full of shenanigans, a few too many drinks, tons of laughter and a STUNNING bride!




McHenery Photography has an amazing blog post with ideas on how to pick your engagement session location!

Whenever I’m hired to take engagement pictures, I’m almost always asked where we should do them.  I thought maybe a blog post might help to explain this better than I usually can when I’m asked on the spot.  So, if you’re trying to think of where you should have your engagement pictures taken, here are some questions I like to ask to help decide on a location.  Answer them for yourself and see if you feel inspired or drawn to any specific location.

1.Where did you two first meet?

2.Where did you two go on your first date?

3.Where did you have your first kiss?

4.Where were you when you said you loved each other for the first time?

5.What are your hobbies?  Shared or otherwise.

6.It’s a weekend morning, you and your fiancé just woke up and have a free day to spendWhat would you do?

7.What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

8.Where will you be getting married?

9.Describe yourselves as a couple in three words:

10.Did you have any location ideas when you first started considering having engagement pictures taken?

After considering those questions, hopefully a few ideas came to mind.  If not, share this information with your photographer and see what they can come up with.  After all, you should be selecting your engagement photographer after reviewing their portfolio to ensure you’re picking someone who will capture the types of photos you’re looking for.  Don’t be afraid to be specific with your ideas, your photographer will appreciate the input and can offer advice and suggestions based on their experience.

Remember that when you’re out there getting your engagement pictures taken, it’s not about always getting photographed from the right side so you look your very best, it’s about capturing images that help showcase the love that you and your fiancé have for each other.  Naturally the photographer will work hard to ensure you both look nice in each image, but don’t let those thoughts take over while you’re being photographed.

Just relax, enjoy the moment with your fiancé and above all else remember to have fun!

Aug 29, 2016

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