Best 11 locations for LBI photo sessions

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Best Locations for LBI photo session!

As I head into met 14th year of business I realized that many of my clients have the same questions and the top one is always “What is the best place on LBI for a photo session”!  I have complied a list of my favorite location based on time of day to have your LBI photos session! I have listed some great locations below with images to help give you some local tips, ideas and visuals for you to decide what the perfect location for your LBI photo session is!


  1. Barnegat Light Bay Sunset Views   Most people don’t realize that most times (more on this below!) to get the best sunset views you need to be bay side.   While this little Bay Area in Barnegat Light is small and may not offer enough variety for a full session, if you are on the north end of the island finding a boat ramp or something with clear bay views will give you the best sunset views!

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2. Any beach in Barnegat Light! 

It’s no secret that BL beaches are always my favorite.  I feel that that give you the widest variety of images and landscapes.  They are phenomenal! You get different textures and looks in one photo session.  With no close houses and access to open sky you will often get better sunset views here than you would on other parts of the island.

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3.  A good walkway. 

I love a good walkway up to the beach.  I love to start my sessions somewhere in the shade so I always know we get some with out squinting and some different looks.  Beach and water is great, but having diversity in your gallery is key! Using a good walkway (this one if my favorite and is relatively close to the bridge)  also gives you an option to have a space to block some wind for some photos.

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3. Holgate 

This location can be tricky.  It’s beautiful but also is can be very windy with zero opportunity to block that wind.  If the weather is on your side and you are lucky enough to get a tide pool is can be an AWESOME place to shoot!  This is a location you and your photographer may need to decide on once you see the 24 hour forecast.

Holgate Maternity Photos Holgate Maternity Photos

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4. Empty road in Manahawkin

So this spot isn’t on the island, but its just a few minutes from the base of the bridge.   This is a great spot to give you variety, especially if you don’t mind getting wet up to your knees.  Time of year for this location is key.  If you pick the wrong time of year (generally fathers day to Labor Day) you will be swarmed with green heads.  If you are planning your session outside of that timeframe this is a great options for some fun coastal vibes!


5. The streets near the Sea Shell in Beach Haven.

If you want to add a little palm tree tropical vibe to your LBI photo session, the street beach entrance on the side of the shell will provide you with some different views then you will find any where else on LBI.  Make sure to stop by after and have a Tea Bag, you won’t regret getting this grown up drink!


6. Viking Vilage in Barnegat Light 

This offers a nice change in scenery and some great options for blocking wind while maintaining a coastal feel.  if you decide to go here and use some of the spots here please be VERY CAREFUL with your children.  There are many places for them to fall in and some of the spots do have very signifagnt drop offs a few feet out where you can put your feet in the water.  If you are with a seasoned pro, it’s fine.  I even take my own toddler here!  Just be careful!


7. Your beach street! 

Each street and rental house on the island has something to offer.  Using your exact location with an experienced photographer means that they can find all kind of little corners that create beautiful images! Many houses have little spots that create shade and block wind, both great ways to add variety for your gallery.


8. The streets of Beach Haven. 

There are so many cool little spots in the middle of town in Beach Haven!

Parkers Garage Wedding LBI Parkers Garage Wedding LBI Parkers Garage Wedding LBI


8. Old Stone Store in Manahawkin

This location when done at the right time of the year is one of my favorite. The lush greens make everything pop that goes against them. This spot is off 72 and very close to LBI!

Mainland Manahawkin Wedding Photos Mainland Manahawkin Wedding Photos Mainland Manahawkin Wedding Photos Mainland Manahawkin Wedding Photos Mainland Manahawkin Wedding Photos


8.  Bayview Park in Long Beach Township 

I don’t think this location offers enough for a full session but the tall reeds and views of sunset make it a great option!

Parkers Garage LBI Wedding Photos Parkers Garage LBI Wedding Photos

Parkers Garage Wedding LBI


9. Barnegat Lighthouse Park 

This location has some greta views and options for color.  I love when there is a little tide pool and clients don’t mind getting a little wet!

Surprise Proposal Barnegat Light Surprise Proposal Barnegat Light

10. Ship Bottom Sunset Park

A small garden area, textured reeds, access to the bay and sunset views, what more could you ask for?

Ship Bottom Maternity Photos


Ship Bottom Maternity Photos Ship Bottom Maternity Photos Ship Bottom Maternity Photos Ship Bottom Maternity Photos


11. A private island by boat.

This isn’t an option for everyone, but if you are adventurous and have a boat, this is a great idea for you!  There are tons of little islands in the bay, pick one and have fun! Time it with low tide and be ok with getting wet and the rest will work itself out!

Barnegat Bay Family Photos Barnegat Bay Family Photos Barnegat Bay Family Photos Barnegat Bay Family Photos Clark Harris NFL Barnegat Bay Family Photos Clark Harris NFL Clark Harris Bengals Clark Harris Bengals



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