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If you are here it’s because you are looking for more information on LTP’s mini sessions!  This is the only time of year I do mini sessions and they are on these dates only!  Please read all of the information slowly and carefully.  Everything you need to know is in this blog. The Farm is […]

Sep 16, 2022


August 2022 Sometimes the early morning is the only time that will work for your family photos.  When planning a morning session it’s important to choose a place with shade options also.  The sun rises over the over the ocean and then reflects off it, making it very bright.  I like to mix shade spots […]

Aug 3, 2022


July 2022 If you have some family members that will have trouble or can’t navigate the sand, 5th Street in Beach Haven will always be my suggestion for you! The pavilion has some space for us to do group shots and then we are able to go to the beach for the members of the […]

Jul 17, 2022


the list

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