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Hey there! I am so happy you found this blog and are taking some time to see this beautiful Brant Beach photo session on LBI! This family wanted to document the special relationship that grandma and grandpa have with their grandchildren! Everyone always has a busy and hectic schedule but taking time to document these moments are something that is priceless. Think of your favorite photo with your grandparents.  Now imagine that you have almost a hundred to choose from.  I have only one photo I can recall with my grandfather and zero with my grandmother.  My family dynamics are unfortunately strained, like most. Regardless of how I feel as a child I looked up to them and loved them.  I do wish I had more images of me with them to document my childhood view of my grandparents.  As an adult we let other things get in our way and cloud or view.  We feel other things on our schedule are more important then documenting our lives.  I understand the chaos of life and that time is precious, but that in itself is my point,  Time is precious and you can’t get it back.  That is why you should schedule the time to document the story of your life before the opportunity is gone.

This particular day this loving family was lucky enough to score my FAVORITE type of weather to shoot in for Brant Beach photo sessions.  I love dark skies with some sunlight just before a storm.  If I had to pick any type of weather for a session or a wedding, this would be it every single time. I absolutely love when this is what Mother Nature gives us!   It makes my photography heart so happy to be able to work with this beautiful, natural light and backdrop!  I hope you enjoy a brief look into this amazing families life!

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Feb 19, 2017

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