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Thank you for reading about today’s blog about South Jersey engagement photos!

As soon as I started shooting, I told Dawn and Russ I wanted to blog about their session.  Amazing and personalized photos take a bit of planning.  Dawn made sure she incorporated all the things they love and that had meaning.  The result is awesome!  It’s beautiful because everywhere you turn there is meaning, and because they are super smitten with each other, and it’s really cute!

To all of you planning sessions, take a lesson from Dawn about how to “make it work”! This is a very personal look inside their life.  It’s not just books and random things… these photos have a soul of their own that is rooted within their entire family.  Dawn was kind enough to give me a breakdown of the item, I included little snippets from our exchanges below!
In this 100 degree weather, thinking about their winter wedding has me even MORE excited!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with for their big day!  They are such a sweet, kind and genuine couple I honestly feel blessed to be able to tell their story.
South Jersey engagement photos
Pistachios-russ’s grandpa’s Fay, Russ is named after him. 
Pepperidge farms milano cookies are a representation of Russ’s grandpa, he used to have a bread route where he delivered bread to different stores. 

Picture frame- I received as a Christmas present from Crystal, Russ’s sister. she is the best-so happy I am getting a sister!:)

Small glass ink bottles-my parents found these (and many more) when they were dating. They found them in the woods behind my grandparent’s (my dad’s parents) house in Freehold, nj. my mom and dad mean the world to me. Even though my dad is no longer with us, I feel his presence everyday with signs (like numbers, etc). Mom is my rock. I have never met anyone so strong in my life. She is a fighter all the way. I admire her so much
Silver/crystal tulip fruit bowl-my grandmothers.
Doilies-my grandma’s (mom’s mom).

Lilacs-one of my mothers and her mother’s favorite. We had these growing in my backyard since i have been a little girl… my grandma had TONS of HUGE bushes in her yard.

Ceramic bowl (brown)- I made on the potters wheel in college!

Fishing book(s)-represent Russ’ dad, my dad and my brother-all are huge fishermen!

Dogwood tree-one of my all time fav trees…my dad planted one in front of my room when I was a little girl. every spring I looked forward to it’s beautiful white blossoms. We also have a dogwood in our yard now too!
Landscape/flowers/trees/my dad’s actual landscape books-represent my dad :)… he passed way too early in life. He was FULL of energy and spunk. From what i remember and what people tell me he was so loved by everyone. I aspire to be like him, to make him proud. He was everyone’s rock.
Significance of 22-it was my dad’s football # in high school. It happened to be the day Russ proposed to me also (he didn’t know). It just a good # for me. my lucky # always.
Seashell/shore books=where Russ and I met, at Jenks on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ.
Journey=our “album.” We love their songs, have been to see them in concert, our relationship has been an amazing journey from our first meeting. Russ is my best friend. We were so meant for each other. He has such a kind soul. We have so much fun when we are together, I really was blessed the night we met.
Glory of their times-Russ’ favorite book! he is a HUGE reader 

Phillies memorabilia-Russ’ team since he was a little boy and also works for the organization!

Baseball glove Russ’ from when he was a young boy.

Philly ticket-our first game together! It was so cool… we sat right behind the dugout!


The letters i painted, the sign i made- I went to school for art, it’s a huge part of me. 🙂


Allaire park-Russ’1st time being there was last year around labor day…he loved it…we perused the old buildings…historically it is amazing!
Railroad- Russ’ great grandfather was involved with the railroad for many years!
To see more photos from this session, check out my Couples Album on FB!


Jun 30, 2012

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