Laura and Ed’s Engagment Session – Toms River NJ Wedding Photographer


Laura and Ed were referred to me by our mutual friend Stephanie. (Hi Steph!) Laura called a few months ago and we ended up talking on the phone for a loooong time. It started with photography, then went to DJ, make up, and a whole list of other things not related to photography. We hit it off right away!

Fast forward two months till this weekend. I was lucky enough to get to meet Laura and Ed in person with their SUPER handsome baby boy. I loved watching Ed interact with him. I know all dads love their children, but Ed gets an A+ in the dad department. You can see how proud he is of his little man from a million miles away. In person Laura was even more sweet, kind and gentle then she was in all our conversations, emails, and text. Yea- we text a lot too! (I can’t help it. I think she rocks) Her Disney princess eyes kill me in the best way possible. Gorgeous.

They are getting married in Toms River at the end of this summer and I am lucky enough to be their wedding photographer! But let’s be honest – they are the lucky ones. Sometimes couples get married because it’s the thing to do, and sometimes couples marry because they are perfect for one another. Laura and Ed are perfect for each other. They interact with such ease, they look and listen with intent when the other is talking, and they were flirty with each other the entire time. THAT’S when you know you still “got it goin’ on”.

May 1, 2012

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