Flat Lay Photography | NJ Marketing Photographer


Flat Lay Photography | NJ Marketing Photographer

Recently I have started doing more flat lay photography for small business clients. As a NJ Marketing Photographer I have done commercial work including food, products, both commercial and residential real estate and more.  With social media now dictating how many businesses advertise and keeping up with the ever changing trends flat lay photography is one of the leading way to showcase your products.  Flat lay photography has many styles, some are more busy while others are more simple.  My natural style gravitates to a simpler approach but can be tailored to best suit the needs of your business.

Performing commercial services can be done in several ways, one approach is clean and simple focusing on only the product while the other is meant to tell more of a story. For example: the photos you will see below are for Reynolds Garden Shop.  This is a Manahawkin NJ gift shop, clothing boutique and floral market. I chose to often incorporate all aspects of what they offer in all images.  Their fun and fresh decorating style can be seen in their stunning show room. I felt it was important to incorporate the different things they offer into photos to help tell their story.

In a new world of marketing where you only have a second to grab your existing and hopefully new clients attention I want the images to show as much as possible with out being overwhelming. These images were specifically created for Instagram, imagine them in that perfect little square box. Perhaps that isn’t the ideal platform for your business. We would work together to target where your best reach would be and create images that work best for those specific platforms.  Each business is unique. Your goals and needs will not match another. Working together we can develop and create a strategy that will work best for you!

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Feb 17, 2016

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