LBI Family Photographer: 3 tips for an amazing family session!

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This week I got to spend some time on the beach with an amazing family as an LBI family photographer.  Our session was easy going and flowed beautifully.  This family was on vacation on LBI and decided to document their time with a family session!  We took time to take large group photos, the smaller family units within the group and most important:  sweet Jacob with his grandmothers.  While photos with mom and dad are important I love when we take some time in sessions to have grandchildren and grandparents spend time together.  Those family bonds are different and unique in their own way and deserve the time and attention to be documented!

I loved some of what this family did in their session and wanted to share three tips demonstrated in this session to help make your LBI family photographer session a complete success!

Tip number one:

Color coordinate but don’t match perfectly. I love when everyone where different hues of the same coastal color pallet. It makes for a uniform look while still allowing individuals to showcase their personality and style.

Tip number two:

When your child is having a moment, embrace it and move on.  Kids will always be kids and that means the occasional meltdowns over nothing that will soon pass. Those are the moments we give you child a break and move onto a new location and give them space.  This usually results in them “getting over it” rather quickly and usually a great crying photo to show them when they turn 18!

Tip number three:

Breathe and roll with it!  This family was so laid back, open minded and casual about everything! That always makes for a wonderful session!  The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed and beautiful your session is!

LBI Family Photographer

LBI Family Photographer LBI Family Photographer LBI Family Photographer LBI Family Photographer LBI Family Photographer

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Jun 20, 2018

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