LBI Proposal | Surprise Proposal | Beach Haven Photographer


LBI Proposal | Surprise Proposal | Beach Haven Photographer

Today’s blog if about a perfect LBI proposal. Sarah thought she has scheduled maternity photos with me to celebrate the arrival of their little girl.  She had no idea Elio had other plans! We spent some time walking around Beach Haven creating some beautiful maternity images. As the night went on Sarah told me how much her grandmother adored Elio and was hinting that she was ready or them to get married.  A few short moments latter near the jetty off 5th street in Beach Haven Elio surprised Sarah with a proposal!

Elio had contact me a few days before so that we could coordinate.  He was so excited to ask Sarah to become his Mrs.  He presented her with a STUNNING round brilliant diamond engagement ring set in a beautiful white gold and diamond halo setting.  Sarah immediately said yes but the look of shock took a while to wear off!

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Here are some tips from the brilliant earths guide to selecting the perfect ring!

Syou are in the market for an engagement ring, or think you might be—congratulations!  Although we don’t know your girlfriend, we’re pretty certain she’ll be overjoyed when you ask her to marry you.

Ideally she’ll also be giddy with excitement over the ring you’ve chosen, and that’s where we can help. Yes, Brilliant Earth sells engagement rings but we are setting aside our interests to give you an unbiased “just the facts” guide to choosing an engagement ring that your future fiancé will love, and that will get you the most value for your money.  Here are the decisions ahead of you, and our tips on how to make them:

You know that the most classic engagement ring style features a center diamond, but you may not know whether your girlfriend craves that style or wants something more unique. We can tell you this: close to 90% of engagement rings feature a diamond, and sapphires are the second most common engagement ring gemstone. If your girlfriend’s taste runs to the unconventional, then she may prefer something other than a diamond or sapphire engagement ring—but based on the numbers, a diamond or sapphire is a very safe bet.

Diamonds and sapphires are also the hardest gemstones (Diamonds rank 10 and sapphires rank 9 on a 1-10 mineral grading scale called the Mohs scale of hardness) meaning that they’ll hold up well to the everyday wear required of engagement rings. Sapphires cost less than diamonds, so choosing a center sapphire allows you to get a bigger gem for your budget. Although you probably think of sapphires as being a deep blue, they also come in yellow, pink, and a variety of other colors.

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Jun 20, 2016

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