LTP is expanding, or at least I am! Part three of three!

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Over the few weeks week I released two blogs, a more emotional one about pregnancy here and my plans for working till the end of my pregnancy here.

Part three is about once little miss arrives!

I am due right around Thanksgiving.  November sessions will have to wing it!  As of now, I plan on taking them but plans can change. I most likely won’t be taking sessions in December, but I may want one or two so don’t be afraid to ask!  I am lucky that with this job, “work” often means being out of the house for two hours.  While I can’t make the call now if I will be ready for that, I am not opposed to the idea.  I think it’s healthy to get up, get dressed and feel like you have a purpose. I usually don’t have many sessions January – April so I will be scheduling those regularly as they come in! I don’t plan on taking much time “off”.  This is a decision I will make as I go.  I have two April weddings scheduled and would love to have sessions before that to get back into the “flow” of things!

November through February is my heavy booking time for the following years wedding season.  This year I may try and do more skype/face time consults. I hope my brides will be understanding of this!  It is important to me to make a connection with my clients but this year may be a little difficult to do in person meetings.

My long term plan is to run a successful business, be a mother, partner and friend.  I do believe balance is possible. I may need some love and understanding from clients in the beginning as I navigate things but I am confident it will all work out! I have been doing LOTS of behind the scenes photos in 2018 so I have interesting and new content to share with all of you while I am in my down time. Being pregnant and planning for time off when you are a one-man-show is difficult but doable!  I have a strong plan and am hoping it goes as well in reality as it does in my mind!

On a personal note, I have been teaching Dylan to shoot!  I have been making a conscious effort to be in more photos.  (get ready for a post in a month or two about the nearly 3,000 personal photos I am printing and organizing!) Once Miss Ketchel arrives I want to be in photos with her and that means hading the camera to Dylan! I have to say, he is doing pretty great! This was last week – I am 19 weeks pregnant here. Last night we tried again.  Dylan did amazing.  Tucker sliced his paw pad and I slipped in mud and banged up my knee pretty good. This basically sums up how our entire life goes! The picture looks pretty, but the reality is slightly messy but still fun!

Jul 9, 2018

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