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Thank you for reading today’s blog about doing a first look with  South Jersey wedding photography! I love first looks. Seriously LOVE them. I kick everyone out and make it a “thing”.  I can honestly say all of my brides who have done it are happy they did!

What is a First Look? It is a few moment set aside for the Bride & Groom to see each other and enjoy a bit of quiet, take some awesome and intimate portraits before the wedding.

BEFORE the wedding? How does that work out? Yup! Before the wedding! I set aside a about 20 minutes before the nerves start and the chaos begins to give the two of you a chance to enjoy your moment. I find a quiet location beforehand, get the hubby to be in place and step back to and let it unfold.  I do add in some minor instruction, but mentioning that takes away from the magic I want you to vision!  I capture your reactions and then let you enjoy a few minutes alone together, to connect emotionally, and to really soak in the sweetness that is your wedding day. Most wedding day schedules are so full of people and family and events that the bride & groom don’t have a chance to stop and take a breath until late into the evening. The First Look gives you a chance to start the day with each other.

I am still not convinced, talk to me more… Is that you? Thinking about it but undecided?  That’s just about every bride. Right after the first look I will do portraits of the two of you. I find it actually helps makes the photos more natural. Your giddy and excited to finally be with your guy and he has forgotten how much he hates pictures because you look so dang good.   I want YOU to choose what is best for you as a couple, but my last line on this post will be to let you know every bride who does a first look tells me she still got “that feeling” when she walked down the aisle.  Doing a first look allows you a private moment AND the down the aisle butterflies.  Sounds like the best of both worlds to me!


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Apr 24, 2014

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