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Good morning!  It is a beautiful, humid free, summer day in New Jersey.  It’s 8:30 am and I have meditated (twice), meal prepped for the upcoming week and am steadily checking things off my to do list!  This weekend I will be traveling for an out of state wedding and I am EXCITED!  One main reason: new TJ Maxx and Ross stores.  When I go anywhere new I always love to check out any type of store like those mentioned and see what I can find!   Recently it was brought to my attention by a client that I don’t share enough personal things on social media.   That is something I struggle with.  I am always trying to find the delicate balance of keeping my life quiet and personal and connecting with my clients.  So remember that to do list I mentioned earlier?  Writing a personal blog was on that list!

I searched the internet for “small business blogging topics” and a mile long list of responses came up.  The one that jumped out at me immediately was “Things I no longer believe about myself”.   I have been working hard the past 5 years on growth and personal development.  It’s not something I talk about often because I believe making strides in silence is  better than trying to convince others of actions by  displaying it.  Or as Biggie says “Don’t you know bad boys in silence and violence? Take it s from your highness”.   I’m sure in all my meditations and spiritual readings I can find someone who said it better with less anger but I sure do love me some Biggie.

All though I do like to keep more private, today I will share ten lessons, or things I no longer believe about myself (or my life) with you!

  1. I would rather be someone’s Sunday morning then their Saturday night.   

I used to think I had to be all things fun and exciting to others, now I enjoy being something quieter and more valuable to them.

2. The number of things doesn’t matter, the quality of things does. 

From shoes to pants to people to relationships:  less, better quality is always more.  I used to believe the more the merrier, now I think the better the better.

3. Just because I have had a friendships for most of my life does not mean it’s healthy or I need to continue them.

I spent many years maintaining relationships in my life because they had always been there. I now know better so I can do better.

4. I can not offer perfection so I can not ask for it from others.

I used to have unrealistic expectations of others and myself. I now accept the reality of “doing the best you can”.

5.  Healthy boundaries are one of the most important things in life.

Creating a space for your soul and relationships to grow means learning to say no.  I was a people pleaser most of my life.  I now consider myself sober of these acts.

6.  Taking time for self care does not make me selfish, it makes me smart. 

There are 24 hours in a day.  I no longer have to spend most of my waking hours tending to others.  It is healthy to tend to myself.

7.   The truth always comes out. 

In the past I felt the need to right wrongs immediately.  Now I know truth will make itself known when and if the time is right.

8.  I have made mistakes but they do not define me. 

We all have regret in life. In the past I held on to that, I have learned to let go.  Through mediation I found a way to learn, forgive myself and move on.

9.  Financial responsibility is the greatest gift you can give yourself. 

In the past I lived in the moment with money.  I now am more responsible and sleep much better at night.

10.  Let go of what you think your life should look like and enjoy what it actually is. 

I used to get so upset when my life didn’t look they way I thought it should.  I worked on releasing expectations and accepting the truth around me.

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Aug 24, 2017

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