Twelve tips for what to wear and how to style your family photos!

What to wear

September 10, 2020

Here are my top twelve tips for what to wear and how to style family photos!

  1. Pick your favorite pattern and pull the colors from there! Coordinating often wins over matching! All white it the exception.
  2. If you are on the beach – avoid some light shades of khaki because they blend with sand.
  3. Think about the rooms you will display the photos in and what may “go” there.
  4. Ladies – wear a little more makeup than normal, but don’t go overboard.
  5. If your hair gets frizzy easily – curling it may not be best.  Straighten it, use anti-frizz and bring a small brush.
  6. Shoes – skip them for the beach and avoid “gym shoes” – they are distracting from nice outfits.
  7. If you don’t love your arms – don’t wear sleeveless! If you don’t love your midsection – don’t wear anything form-fitting.
  8. If you have to pull and tug at it – it’s not the right choice.
  9. Dresses and tops with “flounce or fluttering” type ruffles won’t always sit right in the wind.
  10. Avoid trends, classic and simple is always best.
  11. Transition glasses will always look like sunglasses, if possible wear contacts.
  12. Google and Pinterest searched for “what to wear” will give you endless ideas!

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Sep 10, 2020

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