Welcome to my new site, again!


In November I was so excited to change the business name over to LeAnna Theresa from LeAnna Fisher and launch my new site, logo and all that fun stuff.  And then- it was a mess. A giant, hot mess.  It was my first experience with transferring a website and there were questions I didn’t know had to be asked. Like: Can I have more than one photo in a blog post? Who would have ever thought in today’s technology you need to ask these things!  It was a VERY expensive business lesson I learned. I had to start form scratch and redesign and build a site all over again.  This site won’t be changing for a very long time.

Before the 2014 season kicks off I have been incredibly busy on the back end of things.  I am integrating new studio software to streamline contracts, the booking process, and payments.  I am finally getting rid of my pen and paper system of accounting and moving over to quickbooks. I have taken a few classes and am learning new editing techniques.  I am also in the process of buying a home and *hopefully* (fingers, toes and eyes crossed) having a home studio with that!

Its really the only way I know how to do things, all or nothing!

In the next few weeks as the warmer weather approaches I am SUPER EXCITED for all that LTP has in store!   Amazing weddings, styled shoots, newborns and so much more.

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Feb 5, 2014

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