What To Expect With LTP As Your Wedding Photographer| Jersey Shore Wedding Photographer | Sea Oaks Wedding


What To Expect With LTP As Your Wedding Photographer| Jersey Shore Wedding Photographer | Sea Oaks Wedding

So you are getting married!  Congratulations! You have so many decisions to make, guest list, dress, signature drink and more!  Meeting with and selecting your photographer shouldn’t feel like a chore.  I have shot (as primary or second shooter) hundreds of weddings over the years. Besides the technical aspects of wedding photography there are the logistics, emotions and  personalities to figure in.

A wedding photographer does much more then take pictures.  We problem solve, fix hair and makeup, become a seamstress and florist, anticipate everyone’s next move and so much more.  We are by your side for the entire day. It is so important we get along well.  Our personalities need to work well together.  If we get along you will feel more comfortable and that means more relaxed photos.

Upon our first meeting you will hear me say “I am not a sales person I am a photographer” at least twice. Our meetings are very casual. There is a time and place to be professional, I don’t think our first meeting is that time.  I want to sit and chat as if we were life long friends. I don’t want you to feel pressure. I want to hear your ideas. I want to know how you met. I want to know you as a person, not you as a client. I will go through a slide show of what you can expect from me. It will cover most of your questions and things you haven’t thought of!

Next is usually the engagement photos.  These are FUN. I like to approach them with a laid back style and use that time as another building block for our working and personal relationship. I take both a candid and guided approach.  I want to make sure your photos look like the best version of you! I don’t want to try and pose and mold you into someone else.

In the time leading up to the wedding we will email and chat about timelines and so much more.  Being involved in the timeline process is important to me. It assures me we have enough time to focus on the areas you have told me are important to you.

Finally the wedding day! I like to walk a fine line of blending into the background AND taking charge when needed. It’s a delicate balance but I like to think I have perfected it.  From early morning ring shots, zipping your dress, the first kiss all the way to cutting your cake I am by your side. I spend my day keeping us on time and capturing moments both big and small. I want your wedding photos to tell an entire story of your day.  In twenty years I want you to pick up your wedding album and feel like you are there all over again!

If you are considering LTP for your wedding photography needs please email me sooner then latter!  I take a limited number of weddings per year to ensure each bride gets the time and attention they deserve. This is your one and only big day, you deserve the best!



Jan 8, 2016

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