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Why Have Professional Newborn Photos Done | Ocean County Photographer

Today I decided to write about: why have professional  newborn photos done.  In a world of instant technology so many parents opt to snap a few cell phone photos in place of a true professional photography experience.  While this may seem easier in the moment, you are cheating yourself and your new little bundle of joy of beautifully captured memories.  Some parent simply don’t think these images are important until it’s too late. Your baby changes weekly, almost daily in the first few weeks and months after birth.  Before you realize it those tiny hands and baby nose are grown, walking, talking toddlers. Your baby is a baby no more and the opportunity is gone to capture those first, innocent moments.

Many times the decision not to have newborn photos done is a financial one. One parent is out of work and all of the expenses of a new baby are adding up.  Many expectant moms will ask for gift certificates to their photographer as a shower gift.  Receiving blankets and cute sleepers are wonderful gifts but often moms end up with excess.  Perhaps a guests money is better spent on a more thoughtful and long lasting gift like newborn photography. The decision is a personal one you have to make!

Part of the beauty of newborn photos is a chance to bring the parents into the images and show their connection with the baby.  The majority of photos through your child’s life will be of just them.  Take this first opportunity to have your portraits done as a family.  In 50 years you will never regret allotting the time and the finances to have a professional newborn session done.  You may one day regret NOT having the photos done and sadly at that time it is too late.  Follow your heart when making this choice.  Perhaps ask if your photographer has a payment plan or skip the fancy bedding set your baby will never use.  This opportunity will pass you by in the blink of an eye. Make sure you make the most of your newborn experience.


Feb 3, 2016

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