A work trip that is good for my soul. Arizona bound!


Good morning world! Or afternoon or evening depending on when you are reading this!

This week I am headed to a photography conference in Arizona for 6 days. I booked this trip over the summer when my friend Megan at Let It Be photography in Cape May asked me to.  It really was that simple.  She asked if I wanted to and I think I booked within 24 hours. This summer was so busy for me.  I had 60 beach sessions from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  That doesn’t include weddings, life, marketing, branding, managing social media, consults, contracts, editing, previews, blogs and all the other things I do as a small business owner.  At the time I booked United (that’s the name of the conference!) my soul needed a boost.  I needed  something fresh and new.

Fast forward a few months and I am actually feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle this conference.  There dozens of classes to choose from, networking events and styled shoots and classes I signed up for on top of all that. It’s going to be overwhelming in the best way possible and I am ready.  I don’t often talk about my life or my past, I don’t enjoy spending time in that headspace.  I have grown leaps and bounds in the past five years especially.  After my divorce I spent 3 hours a day in self care for months.  Yup, 3 hours a day.  I had just made the move to a full time photographer and moved into my own apartment.  I promised myself I was going to get my soul right.  I made mistakes in that time but I also made so much personal growth.  I had a life/business coach that helped me define my world better.  I read. I did yoga. I went to therapy. (side note: every person in the world should go to therapy at different stages in life.  It’s amazing) I took care of myself.

Fast forward a few years and I am sticking to some things I learned in that time but not others.  One specific area is work/life balance and maintaining excitement for everyday life.  Most people don’t get excited for their everyday lives.  I do.  Well, I usually do. When I get this buys I let my self sacre and excitement fall to the side. On most days I am grateful I can walk into Target, Shoprite or TJ Max and purchase anything I choose.  I am grateful I have a truck I love to drive me there.  I am grateful I have a career I am passionate about.  I am grateful to be my own boss. I am grateful I have a doctor who has helped me dodge two major bullets in life over the last few years. I am grateful I have health insurance and don’t mind paying the bills that my amazing Doctor sends out, I have my health and a wonderful job that allow me to do so.  This is all above and beyond the gratitude I have for friends, family, Tucker, Dylan.  The things I mentioned are things many don’t appreciate and get excited for every day. I want to keep my soul right and that excitement alive.

I am excited to kick my business into the next gear and fill my soul at the same time.  I am so excited to learn and grow more.  I am excited for United to help me continue to live the life I once imagined. I am pumped to come back from this work trip with a happy soul and excited mind ready to try new things behind the camera and at my desk behind the scenes.

Cheers to stepping out of my comfort zone, cacti and desert, bettering myself, my life and my service to my clients! South Jersey Photograp

Shout out to my friend Kelly at Silver Lining Photography for this headshot!

Nov 3, 2017

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