2018 Year End With LTP!


Hello!  I am so happy you are here today.

Things have been oh-so-hectic in the best way possible around here lately.  Having a newborn is exciting, exhausting, consuming, confusing and fulfilling all at once. I usually end each year with a roundup of images and totals showing all the portraits and weddings I captured over the previous 365 days.  This year that won’t be happening.  I had big plans to get it done while Kallan naps, but that isn’t happening lately either!  She needed to be held from 5 am till after 12 today alone.  While I yearn for showers and a schedule, I am being conscious to try and fall in love with the time where she needs me so much.  Until I am back into the swing of thing with work and done maternity leave, that means things like blogs and social media have to wait!  I do plan on revisiting many of this year’s weddings and blogging things I learned and loved that I think would be helpful to other brides. This year I planned lots of things that didn’t happen. I recorded ten videos on topics for you and only posted one. I planned to be done Christmas shopping in October only to shove cash into envelopes only an hour before my teenage brothers arrived.  Life happens and sometimes we simply need to embrace that.

I am so proud of the work I created this year.  I took so much time to try and elevate my images and my client experience.  I am proud of that.  I have so many images from the year I truly love and want to show off again and again. I had so many beautiful experiences with my couples this year.  There were moving moments I will tell you about, inside jokes too inappropriate to be shared, and a deep and profound experience I will choose not to share in writing but tell you all about in person if you ask.

I had some amazing high moments in my career like being asked to become a member of the elite Weddings of Distinction and receiving the “Best Of” award from the knot.com.  But more important than public accolades were the sweet messages and thanks I got from couples. Brides moving their dates to have me as their photographer.  A bride sending me a Christmas message with photos on how excited she is that my images are hanging on her walls and how a year ago she couldn’t wait for that moment. A couple who I accidentally encouraged to show public affection for the first time.  A past bride, now momma, grateful that our newborn session was captured the day before dad starting losing his hair from cancer treatments. I am so blessed to say I can go on and on in this area. These experiences and kind words do truly resonate with me.  I am walking away from 2018 feeling full of gratitude for my job, relationships, and accomplishments.  And of course my sweet little nugget, Kallan!

As brides contact me to schedule consults for 2019 (and even 2020!) I am so happy that I get to do what I love.  That I have the opportunity to build relationships and deliver a product I am passionate about to people who put all their trust in me to capture such amazing milestones in their lives.

May your 2019 be filled with more than you can dream of today.

Wildwood Wedding Photographer


Dec 28, 2018

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