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Alternative Family Photos | South Jersey Photographer | LeAnna Theresa Photography | Long Beach Island

Once upon a time family photos were something you knew you had to do but didn’t necessarily want to do.  They were in a studio, stiff and boring.  In the 90’s family photos took the beautiful (INSERT SARCASTIC LAUGH HERE) turn of jeans and matching white shirts. Most homes still have a few of these priceless gems hanging on the walls.  Thankfully photography has taken an amazing turn towards focusing on the connection and fun a family has rather than then focusing on matching clothing. Family photos should be about the connection you share, what brings you together.  Often that doesn’t include the perfect pose and all children looking at the camera and smiling.  Not every family photo looks like it belongs on pinterest – and that is OK!  Perfection isn’t what we strive for, connection is.  Yes- I want a nice photo for you where every one is smiling and looking at me.  But after many years as a photographer I can promise you that not every photo will be like that, and that is ok!

Much of our time during a photo session is spent laughing, talking, telling stories about the lovable yet crazy things your children do.  Family photos are no longer about presenting matching perfection.  They are about showing that you all love each other despite your imperfections.  In a world where social media allows us to compare our lives to everyone’s around us every single day we have a tendency to try and out do one another with out realizing it.  Is the treat you made for the kids school party better than the moms across town?  Is your elf on a shelf idea more creative then your friends from high school? The list is endless…  We don’t need to compare ourselves.  We simply need to be who we are and be GENUINE.  Let your family photos show your true story.  Have fun, be silly, be unique, don’t match. It’s ok, I promise.  Focus on the love you have for another and your photos will be perfect every time.




Jan 5, 2015

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