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Bayville Newborn Photographer | Bayville NJ Photographer | Meet Santino



How adorable is little Santino? This little guy barely made a peep the entire session.  He just wanted to snuggle and eat.  Who can blame him?  That sounds like the ultimate life.  Santino is only 5 days new here.  I encourage parents to have newborn photos in the first 10 days to have the best experience. Santino made the greatest little breathing sounds as he slept. They almost reminded me of puppy sounds in the cutest way possible!

Santino’s dad ownes a pizzeria in Bayville.  When mom brought this little pizza knit outfit I almost died!  I love incorporating personal touches into sessions!

Name That Baby: The Santino Edition!

Gender: M

Meaning of Santino: “little saint”

Origin of Santino: Italian

A name introduced here by The Godfather: James Caan played the anything-but-saintly Santino “Sonny” Corleone, and comedian Adam Carolla used it for his son.

Who is he?


Santino   is a lively, authoritarian, ambitious, self-assured and passionate man who needs to be physically active and always moving forward. He could seem quite impressive at first, and appears to be strong, reliable and trustworthy. It´s true that he tends to be made of stern stuff, and can occasionally be quite argumentative and even arrogant, loathes flattery and is allergic to restriction. Impatient, and endowed with astonishing mental agility, he can also be irritable, nervous, aggressive and possibly even violent if he considers that certain lines have been crossed… Even so, most of the time he is extremely pleasant, responsible, curious, adaptable and capable of introspection when necessary. He is usually fascinated by adventure and novelty, and could often feel torn between his sense of duty and responsibility – and the desire to live his life the way that he desires, without worrying about what anyone else thinks, and either of these tendencies could prevail, depending on the moment and the circumstances. Santino   comes across as a solid, sturdy character who can be leaned on, although he would prefer to relinquish some of the responsibility that he feels for others, who benefit greatly from his helpfulness and his tendency to take things seriously. As a child, he is brimming over with energy, and a rigid authoritarian attitude certainly won´t hold much sway with him. He is much more likely to respect those who are frank and direct, who trust him and respect his sense of justice and equity. As long as he has the love of his family he will probably be a very affectionate and responsible child, although he could be a little hothead at times, and physical exercise is necessary to his equilibrium. Not particularly subtle, sensitive or impressionable; he is conscientious, courageous and although he can be abrupt at times, his behaviour is generally consistent.







Jul 19, 2015

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