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Wedding Etiquette: Monograms

Wedding monograms are a hot trend that’s here to stay. They evoke tradition and that timeless elegance that will never get old in our book. Found on everything from bridal party gifts and personal stationery to bridal bouquet wraps and everything in between, the wedding monogram is one of the most loved traditions to incorporate throughout your wedding details. It’s no secret that we love custom monograms here at MLShaughnessy Designs and if you’re anything like us, then everything and anything that isn’t moving has that personalized touch. (We’re also firm believers that monogrammed gifts never disappoint. Ahem. The holiday season is right around the corner! Keep this in mind as you search high and low for those perfect gifts for family and friends.) For those brides who aren’t sure what monogram to use throughout the planning process, don’t fret! We’re here to give you a little pre-wedding advice and guidance that will have you confidently showing off your initials in no time!

Although we’re positive that you heard of the term “monogram” at one point or another, it’s important to understand the basics. What are monograms? Monograms are a motif created by combining letters (or initials) of a person’s name that is associated as a source of identity. For a wedding, a monogram is very significant as it represents two individuals joining together as one through marriage. As an unmarried woman, your monogram includes your maiden name in the middle with your initial of your first name and middle name flanking each side. (Emily Nicole Taylor = ETN) A married (or joint) monogram includes your [married] last name initial in the center, the wife’s first name initial on the left, and your husband’s first name initial on the right. (Emily and Leighton Owens = EOL)

According to etiquette, engaged couples should not use their married monogram before they are officially married. Therefore, any details that you would like to monogram before the wedding should either include your maiden monogram OR your first initials joined by an ampersand. It’s during your wedding ceremony or reception where you should unveil your newly married monogram. (It’s through these small details that guests will not only notice, but also will remember and appreciate.)

Single-initial monograms (1-Letter Monogram) can either represent a first name or a last name.

Triple-initial monograms (3-letter monogram) can be used to represent a single person, (Emily Nicole Taylor = ETN) or symbolize a married couple (Emily and Leighton Owens = EOL).

A 2-letter monogram is formed with the first initials from two first names. (Emily and Leighton = EL)

Incorporating a custom monogram throughout your wedding décor is a great way to brand your wedding day from start to finish. From simple to ornate, the design possibilities are endless! How do you plan on including your wedding monogram?

MLShaughnessy Designs, LLC is a boutique design company specializing in wedding invitations and event stationery.  Owner and creative director, Meghan Shaughnessy, works one-on-one with each of her clients offering a personalized experience from start to finish. She believes that choosing your paper goods should not only capture each couple’s personality with a modern approach, but should also be a fun part of the wedding planning process. Make your event and first impression one to remember with oh-so-pretty [bespoke] stationery that will leave guests anticipating your wedding or special event!


Jan 12, 2015

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