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Thank you for reading today’s blog about five tips on how to choose a bridal bouquet!  It’s the first Wednesday of March, that means I am sharing some real-life wedding tips with you for wedding Wednesday!  Some of these may have seen in a magazine before, but I will dig deeper than that! There are so many decisions that go into creating your dream wedding, and florals are a part of that!  There are endless choices when it comes to florals and many factors that play into your choice.  Depending on the time of year you are getting married some flowers are in season and more affordable, this article from will help you learn more about that aspect. The time of year will also play into the color scheme most brides pick. Winter weddings usually have darker tones and whites, spring and summer bouquets often have bright and vibrant hues and fall is filled with warmer tones.  The current wedding trend of neutrals, blush, greenery, and white is timeless and classic. This color palette has a wide array of florals to choose from, can be used in any season and will still look classic twenty years from now.

Here are five tips on how to choose your bridal bouquet!

  1. Decide on your overall wedding theme.  Use tools like Pinterest to search colors, themes and times of year that will give you suggestions to show your florist on what you are looking for.  Be creative when searching.  Having a winter wedding?  Try searching Colorado Snowy Wedding and see what different results you get. Having a spring wedding at a Winery?  Search Nappa Valley Winery Wedding.  Using locations and keywords that tie into your theme will give you new and fresh results.
  2. Stay away from florals that need to be dyed.  Your florist will have more input on this, but dyed flowers leave color marks on white and light colored dresses.
  3. Decide if you want a tight and circular bouquet, one that is free-flowing and has no specific shape or something in between.  Take note of the bouquets you see that you are attracted to.  Is it the colors, shape, size or another factor that keeps drawing you to the same thing? Realizing what you like about the different photos you collect will help you have a better vocabulary to use when talking with your florist.
  4. Bouquets are more than flowers, they add personal and sentimental touches to your day.  Think outside the box. One of my favorite bouquets was a made on top of a bible that had been in the brides family for over 100 years and was adorned with ribbons from each brides gown (pictured below).  Talk to your florist about unique ways to incorporate items that have sentimental meaning to you.
  5. Water.  Hydrangeas are some of my favorite florals but they tend to wilt quickly when out of the water.  Your favorite flower may be STUNNING but if you are getting married in July and are having a first look, the combination of heat and being out of water for several hours may not make those flowers the right choice for you.  A good florist will guide you more in this area!

antique bible bouquet

yellow bouquet with feathers

how to choose wedding flowears how to choose a bridal bouqet

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Thank you for reading today’s blog on how to choose a bridal bouquet!

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Mar 7, 2018

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