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Hello!  Thank you for coming to read today’s blog about LBI sunrise photos!

In the summer of 2016 I wanted to create something new and exclusive for my LBI portrait clients.  While I don’t own the beach or the time of day, I was the only photographer offering LBI sunrise photos focusing on families and couples and I believe I still am today!  From the minute I had my first session I was hooked.  I love the challenge of the light changing every 60 seconds.  I love the beautiful, warm light reflecting off the ocean.  I can’t get enough of the calm and peaceful surroundings of having the beach entirely to ourselves.

Specializing in LBI sunrise photos as a South Jersey portrait photographer is unique. We go from vibrant, blazing sun, to a pink haze, back to overwhelming vibrance and then simple bright and pure sun reflecting off the water because it is sitting so low on the horizon.  These sessions are a true challenge on my end but are beautiful for you the client.  Your session will have three complete different looks in the matter on minutes.  It’s truly beautiful.

What to expect for your LBI sunrise photos during your photo session:

  1. We arrive at least 30 minutes before sunrise. I know it’s early but I promise it’s so amazing!
  2. We discuss weather the night before and using weather apps try to do our best to see what the sunrise will look like and cloud cover will be.
  3. We will move quickly, the light is ever changing and we need to take advantage of that! I will have my lights and equipment ready and we will wait for mother natures cue and start!
  4. Because we are sing lighting this type of session may not be best for small children who have a hard time listening.
  5. I suggest wearing more neutral or cool colors. Reds and oranges will amplify the colored light even more and depending on your skin tone this may not be the most flattering.
  6. Dress (or bring a change!) that can get wet!  No better way to end our session then by getting in the water a bit!  I have never left a sunrise session in dry clothes!
  7. Come to your LBI photo session with no specific expectations, enjoy what mother nature throws at us!  Know you will have fun and love the images you have to cherish for years to come.

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Feb 10, 2017

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