Lessons That Have Changed The Images I Create as a Jersey Shore Photographer


Lessons That Have Changed The Images I Create | New Jersey Photographer | South Jersey Wedding Photographer

Thank you for reading my blog about being a Jersey Shore Photographer! The industry of photography is ever changing.   It seems like every 3 days a new facebook page pops up for a new photographer.  I am all for healthy competition.  Some of these new photographers are really good.  Seeing all the new around me makes me focus in more on what I want, what makes me happy. Yes, I can charge a certain price and click away all day but that isn’t good for me and my business model.  I want to create images that my clients value. Images that make me happy.  Images when people see they say “Oh, LeAnna took those!”  Every client isn’t the right client for me, and that is ok.  I am looking to live a full life on both the business and personal sides.  I have spent to many years of my life doing what I thought I should do.  The last three years I have focused on what I want to do, what makes me happy. Today’s blog is about the lessons I learned on the journey to become the photographer I wanted to be…

1) Everyone will tell you their idea of what you should do, listen to your own ideas.

2) If something isn’t working, change it.

3) Focus on the connection not the perfection.  My favorite images are not technical masterpieces but they sure do make you feel like you are in the moment.

4) Charge a fair wage for your skill.  There are endless $20 session photographers. Do not try to compete.  A full session requires 8 hours of my time and then taxes have to be paid. A full work day is worth more then half a tank of gas.

5) Only look at other’s work to inspire yourself or admire them. Never, ever compare yourself.  It will be the end of your creative flow.

6) Don’t be afraid to say to a client “This isn’t working” and move along and try something new.

7) See that weird tree with cool branches?  Use it. Step outside your comfort zone.

8) Just when you think you have made it, knock yourself down, drop that ego and keep learning.

9) Someone I once admired gave me this advice: Shoot for your client, not for Facebook. Serve your client, not your ego.

10) Take the extra time to style hair, clothes and poses to show connection. There is no rewind button.



Lessons That Have Changed The Images I Create | New Jersey Photographer | South Jersey Wedding Photographer | Jersey Shore Photographer

Mar 5, 2015

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