The secret to looking amazing in photos according to a Long Beach Island Photographer

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Do you want to know the secret to people who look amazing in photos?


Yup, that’s the secret.

The best images are from individuals, families and couples who just simply enjoy the moment.  You may never loose the weight, you may never find the outfit of your dreams, your husband may HATE having photos done. But you know what? If you are happy and genuine none of that matters.  We all push so hard for perfection. Perfection is not reality.  In 20 years you will be so mad at yourself you let insecurities get in the way of documenting memories.  Find a photographer you trust.  Find someone who makes you feel comfortable. Talk to them about your concerns and LET THEM GO. Let the professional handle your worries and just be in the moment.  Don’t try for perfect smiles and appearances. Have fun.  Enjoy your photo session. Happiness is what makes a beautiful image.


The secret to looking amazing in photos | Long Beach Island Photographer | Jersey Shore Photographer | LeAnna Theresa Photography

Feb 9, 2015

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