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Today’s blog features images from a session in May 2017 of Southern Regional Senior Pictures with Zach!  I have been photographing Zach’s family for years.  They are kind, funny and a wonderful group of people.   Zach’s mom wanted him to have senior photos done. While I am sure Zach had other things he would have liked to been doing, but he was a trooper through our session and made his mom happy!  Zach plays for Southern Regional’s baseball team.  We decided to revolve our session around his sport to add some personality to the session and show Zach’s favorite hobby.  I wanted to make sure his session showed his personality and favorite pass time.

Here are some tips, tricks and ideas to make your Southern Regional Senior Pictures amazing!

  1. Pick the perfect time of day – lighting is everything!
  2.  You should have 2/3 outfit changes.  Your outfits should reflect your personal style and be relative to the location you choose.
  3. Feature your hobbies!  Surfing. Sports, Painting. Music.  Whatever it is – we can find a way to work it into your session.
  4. Utilize your school grounds.  Develop another layer into your photos by using the grounds you travel every day to tell your story.
  5. RELAX!  The more calm you are and the more fun you have, the better your photos will come out.  I promise!
  6. Try and stick with bold and solid colors in your outfit.  Some neutrals can make you look washed out.
  7. Bring props!  Don’t worry about how they work in, that is my job to make happen!
  8. Girls – consider a professional blow out or makeup, it will make you feel amazing!
  9. Guys – even if you don’t want to do this…. smile!  It will make your mom really happy!
  10.  Think outside the box, pictures don’t have to just be perfect smiles and poses!

Southern Regional Senior Pictures

SRHS Senior PhotosSRHS Senior Pictures

Souther Regional Senior Pictures

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Thank you for reading today’s blog about Southern Regional Senior Pictures!

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May 2, 2017

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