Wedding Wendsday with LeAnna Theresa Photography – February 2018 Edition



I am so happy you are here!  Chances are if you are checking out this blog it’s because you are in the middle of wedding planning, or about to start!  I am here to help you, support you, and give you the low down on some great wedding tips.  With over a decade experience as a South Jersey wedding photographer, I have witnessed all kinds of things at weddings.  Happy moments, sappy moments, planned moments and the unpredictable moments.   The goal of this monthly series is to help you best navigate those unpredictable moments!

Today’s blog is about footwear. Yup, ladies – I want to talk to you about what you wear on your toes!

Most wedding magazines will tell you to make sure to break in heels in advance.  I am here to take that advice to another level. If you are wearing heels that are even slightly uncomfortable – bring an extra pair of flats for photos.  Wedding days are all about staying on time.  During your portraits walking around to different areas is part of that time.  Walking around in heels that aren’t exactly comfortable slows you down.  This wastes valuable time.

Having a pair of comfortable shoes to zip around in leaves more time for portraits.  This may only add 10 minutes to your portraits, but 10 minutes means just a few more snuggled up portraits at a new backdrop.  10 minutes can mean a few more candid shots.  Heck, 10 minutes can mean time to stop for a craft beer, if that’s your thing.  And yes, that has happened before!

When the bride is wearing comfortable shoes, it makes things run more smoothly.  It sounds like a small and silly detail but I promise you that so many brides wish they did this!  Keep your feet happy and your portraits will be just that little, extra bit better!


Feb 7, 2018

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