Beach Haven sunrise photos with the Geller family!

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When my photographer friend Christy Geller told me she would be in Beach Haven for an LBI vacation and wanted sunrise photos done I was so excited to do them!  Christy has a completely different style of photography then me.  She has this beautiful vibe with an almost magical editing style.  She approaches things with whimsical eye and styled her clients to match.  She has beautiful doll cake dresses for her daughters and I was so excited she brought them for us to use during out sunrise session.

I have one spot I specifically love to use as a Beach Haven Photographer and luckily it was just a few streets over from where Christy and her family were staying! Getting up, ready and out the door fro sunrise can be tough but I promise it is worth it! During this particular session I wanted to focus on mom’s relationship with the girls in more candid moments.  Christy is usually behind the camera and I wanted to tell the story of how much her girls love and adore her. The candid photos of her and her beautiful girls are some of my favorite from the summer of 2016.

Here are some tips and ideas for your session with me as a Beach Haven photographer:

  • Sunrise photos are unique and amazing and do require some planing but the end result is worth it!
  • Don’t be afraid to step a little outside of your comfort zone with your outfit to make it light and beautiful.
  • Express your ideas and concerns with me so that I can make some suggestions to deliver and amazing final product.
  • Once your LBI vacation is booked contact me to schedule your family session to ensure availability.

Beach Haven Photographer

Beach Haven Photographer

Thank you for reading today’s blog about Beach Haven Photographer!

Mar 16, 2017

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