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Today’s blog is about images I captured as a South Jersey Family Photographer of a beautiful family on the beach during their LBI vacation! My summer months are filled with family sessions in the Long Beach Island.  Local families tend to wait until what we like to call “locals summer” aka September! Most families who live here year round are fortunate enough to have local businesses, or their family member works for one. June, July and August for me are filled with families who are vacationing on LBI.  For many they have been coming here since they were children and are now sticking their toes in the ocean with babies of their own. Sometimes I get to work with “first timers” to LBI and they are always in awe of this amazing place I call home.  I love hearing the stories of families who have been coming here for generations.  I love hearing their fresh perspective on what LBI means to them. Living here for basically my entire life I don’t take LBI for granted but I do sometimes forget the magic it holds for other people.  I am so lucky y call this beautiful place home.

This wonderful family scheduled a day or two before their session and sent me ideas on what they wanted to wear, and they knocked it out of the park!  I talk a lot in many of my blogs about coordinating but not necessarily matching perfectly.  I often suggest staying away from overly busy patterns.  I love the combination the “F Family” came up with.  While they are are in similar blues the overall look and feel is wonderful! There is slight variation in each member and I love how the girls outfits show a little of their personality.

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South Jersey Family Photographer

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Mar 14, 2017

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