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I am SO excited to announce that LTP will have a private and exclusive sunflower and wildflower field for photos coming August 2017! I have teamed up with Shore Perfect Farms on West Bay Ave in Barnegat to use land and grown my own flower fields!  This is something I have dreamed of for years.   Duane (the owner of Shore Perfect) and I have been discussing ideas and planning since last year. I have spent countless hours researching different types of sunflowers and trying to devise the perfect layout and plan. I began planting in May 2017 and am experimenting a bit this year to see what will work best in the future! There will be henery wildes, taiyos, mammoth gray stripes, sunspots and maximilian sunflowers.  Each sunflower type creates different types of flowering heads and heights, each with beautiful features.  I really wanted the beautiful wildflowers you see along the parkway and Duane was able to find them for me! I am over the moon that this is all coming together! The large field will have a beautiful mix of sunflowers and wildflowers that will provide continuous blooms.

The first set of planting is sprouting now, the second is in the ground and I have plans for the next three plantings.  My goal was to do things so that there will be constant blooms in August and September. The large field is among a line of very tall trees so sessions should be able to start around 530 pm or as late as 7pm if that is better for your schedule. This first year will be a bit of trial and error, although beautiful during the process, of experimenting to see what will work best!

The images below were taken several years ago of Dylan and I by my friend Megan at Let It Be Photography. My field will be different, but I wanted to give you an idea so you can visualize what you can expect!  The pricing is the same as a regular portrait session, you can find that information on the investment tab of my website www.leannatheresa.com.  Booking for these sessions will be for around the second week in August and run through September.  I anticipate them to fill up quickly!

Ocean County Sunflower Field Pictures

Ocean County flower fields

LBI sunflower field photosOcean County Sunflower Field
photos in a sunflower field in njocean county sunflower field

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May 25, 2017

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