What to expect for your extended family photo session on LBI

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What to expect for your extended family photo session on LBI


During the summer months I do LOTS of extended family photo sessions on LBI.  I have developed a system that works and use it for every session.  I would like to say I am in charge, but I am not.  The kids are.  And the younger the child, the more in charge they are!  Our session works around their mood and Mother Nature.  We do the best we can to control each but accept that it is what it is!   Once you reach out about a session I will give suggestions for location.  We can use your beach on your street, I understand that is easier.  But I *really* like to have some shade options.  Shade helps us avoid squinting no matter what time of day, this is especially important for families with small children and people with blue eyes.  Blue eyes are MUCH more sensitive to light and not having shade makes it very hard for them to keep their eyes open.

Want to know what I suggest to wear for your family photos?  Here is a great resource for that! 


  1. Upon arrival we discuss your exact family dynamics.  Each family is different so we review when we get there to keep things clear and easy.  There is no need to schedule a call before your session because we will review it all together in real time. We start with a full group shot then the smaller family units.  I like to do this first so we know we have a few before kids get cranky.

2) Next we move into individuals of kids, siblings, cousins and grandparent/grandchildren combos.  These all depend on the children’s moods!  Sometimes we are able to do it quickly and easily and sometimes toddlers have other plans.  It’s important we keep and open mind as to what the results of the session look like and that parents have drinks snacks and a good ole’ fashion bribe ready for when the session is over!

3) We then move into additional smaller family and couples photos.

4). Notice now we are using full sun and the difference between the images.  The beach is amazing, the beach with sun and shade options is PHENOMENAL for photos!  As moods and time allows (the larger the groups the more time things take and sometimes we “loose” some of the smaller kids to meltdowns).  We then start to repeat and get variety of what was mentioned above and add adult siblings/parent combos into the mix.

5) If everything has gone well we have time for additional photos, here is what some of those options may look like!

Jul 3, 2022

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